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| Thinix

Business Description

Thinix® was formed to build computers and technology which lowered the costs of computing for users, and which made computers fundamentally better.

Focused on building deep technology, Thinix has invented several revolutionary technologies and has a strong presence behind the scenes in cloud services and secure computers deployed in education, hospitality, medical, agricultural, government and military applications.

Built on the guiding principles that computers should enable people to work effectively and with the tools available, and should not be a drain of time and resources on the owner. Thinix has built core technologies which enable computers to be stateless, and largely immune to the common problems faced by most users related to spyware, viruses and annoying issues caused by the computer becoming misconfigured.

Thinix Products include:

Thinix InternetAnywhere™:
Managed broadband cellular Internet service for remote/rural, mobile, and back-up applications.

Thinix Guest-Use PCs™:
Fully managed secure guest-use computers for use in hospitality, government, and other applications.

Thinix WiFi Hotspot™:
Software Access Point for computers running Windows 7 & Windows 8.

Thinix RetroUI™:
Start menu for Windows 8.

Thinix Touch™:
Touchscreen user interface for Windows 7.