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| R & D Industries, Inc. (RDI)

Business Description

R & D Industries, Inc. (RDI) is a 37 year old technology company founded in the Okoboji area which delivers a wide range of technology solutions. RDI focuses on on audio-visual, computer networking, software development, network security, data protection, managed services, wireless networking and secure computing. Headquartered in Milford, Iowa with a satellite offices in Ames, Iowa, RDI continues to research, develop and engineer the latest technology to be a leader both nationally and internationally.

RDIWorks ( - Local Technology Experts for Over 35 Years.
Computer and network technologies are nearly unavoidable within all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Whether in the office, on a job site, at school, or even paying your taxes, technology has been harnessed to better organize and communicate information and ideas to all of us.

It’s not always fool-proof, however, which is why computer technology is constantly evolving and improving. It is a progression that must be monitored and studied by experts in the field for the purpose of providing organizations with the best technological solutions for their needs and the needs of those around them. That, indeed, is what R & D Industries, Inc. is all about. We service customers regionally throughout Iowa and Southern Minnesota to build, monitor, maintain, and secure networks large and small. We would be humbled if you would reach out today to discuss your technology needs with us.

Thinix® ( provides best-in-class managed technology solutions; we furnish our world-wide customer base with distinct business advantages by making technology easy, safe and secure. Thinix specializes in guest WiFi, secure computing, network monitoring software, managed firewalls and high
availability Internet connectivity solutions.

Akative ( Akative products were created to help businesses stay connected and operate in today's changing landscape. With dedicated teams and solutions, we deliver on that promise 365 days per year. Our mission is to "Transform Internet Connectivity For Tomorrow's Enterprise" by delivering simple, powerful connectivity solutions. RocketBroadband products are patent pending, keep businesses online 24/7, and provide a suite of network monitoring technologies called iStatus (

Audio Engineering ( is a leader in the professional audio-visual services market for more than a quarter century with over 1000 projects completed, 100+ certifications, and partnerships with the world’s best equipment manufacturers. The Audio Engineering team works with architects, designers, and engineers to plan and install sound and video solutions for houses of worship, all levels of education, businesses and government facilities.

We are proud of our Okoboji heritage and have operated since its’ inception back in 1995, with the core-goal of being a positive representation of our Iowa Great Lakes Area.

For more information about the different products and services of R & D Industries, check us out on the web: